AnjanaStrong asked Apr 19, 2017 10:42 AM in Equipment and Supplies Subscribe
What Light is better? HPS or LED?

Hello, growers. I use HPS for weed growing. Is LED better for cannabis? What LED can you recommend?

48Photons answered May 18, 2017 9:55 AM

Depends on your budget, grow space, and preference.  I struggled with this same question for months.  In the end efficiency, and height restrictions limited me to an LED.  My grow space is a 2 by 3 foot in closure with a 6 foot celing. Some of the greatest growers still use and swear by MH for flower and HPS for veg.  The technology has come along way with double ended bulbs and the control of the light spectrums.  The same can be said about LED's.  However there is still a lot of 1994 tech they (LED companies) are dumping on the market 3 and 5 watt bulbs with lenses-a 3 or 5 watt bulb of a lesser quality cost around $.013 per bulb so the markup is crazy high and the benefits are nominal.  It takes $$ to get set up with a forever light.  If you decide to go with an HPS and MH set up you will have to invest in climate controls and an A/C.  LED's are more efficient with regard to power consumption and as such give off less IR or heat, but don't be fooled cause they will add to the temps in your grow room and you will still need climate control and Cool air intake too. If you have time and want the best bang for your buck try Rapid LED's horticultural DIY Cree 3590 three cob set up or the vero 29.  Both are great starter kits that can be added to and expanded on easily.  Meaning you can add them to the corners of your grow room if you out grow easy to build on or adapt to your space.  It's about $300 ish shipped and you can opt for a dimmable light option.  Use GrowMau5 for a discount code and you can save 5%.  A good double ended HPS and MH set up with ballast will run you $400 to $500 with bulbs and balast.  The 315's and 630 are the way to go.  Sun spectra and the "growers choice hortilux"  are on fire now with the switchable bulbs for each stage of your grow-sick!  I think if you use the discount code dude you can save 5% on a sun spectra setup.  315 great for a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 foot grow space the 630 is great for a 4 x 4.  Good luck I am not affiliated with either of the companies I just did my homework and found the discount codes.  I got a hand-me-down from a friend but plan on the DIY LED COB set up from Rapid once I have my grow room built.  I'm in a temporary space now so the platinum LED P300 is sufficient.  Good luck

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Mike Madson answered Apr 20, 2017 8:30 AM

As for me good LED is better. Low tempreture, spectre as you wish, low Energy consumption, less equipment.

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Masta_Che answered May 3, 2017 11:53 PM

Me personally led is good for a long run, you can buy cheap china imitations, which work fine, get one from the store, which are a bit pricey or you can custom build your own, with hps you get more bang for your buck at the begininng but them bills will pile up quickly.

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