John Caren asked Apr 6, 2017 7:12 AM in Equipment and Supplies Subscribe
Need your advice about lamps


6-7 plants in a box 200 in height, 100 in width, and 120 in length (or maybe a little longer) under 600W HPS Lamp - what do you think?
I will try to put ELS lamps along the edges. How many of them do I need?

PotGrower answered Apr 6, 2017 7:12 AM

Buy an MHL lamp with a power comparable to the voltage and current rate that comes out of the HPS lamp ballast, and you will get a more effective vegetation period. Use an HPS Lamp for the color.

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Masta_Che answered May 17, 2017 12:24 PM

I would def put a light mover on the lamp that way 1) you get to spread the light thruout the area and 2) it wont create heat spots on your plant if it is styll, that way your canapoy grows evenly and you save more money,

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