Sep 15, 2016 9:00 AM

A Step Forward in Breeding Cannabis: Tweed Plans to Innovate Cannabis Genetics

On Sept. 12, 2016, Tweed Inc. announced the completion of their new cannabis breeding facility based in Smiths Falls, Canada. The company has launched this ambitious project in order to form their own Canadian-bred cannabis genetics that would satisfy the needs of their customers.

Breeding Cannabis

Tweed is one of the most famous brands associated with marijuana products. It has numerous projects that make their service more available to customers, such as webinars, online discussions, a veteran program that covers the costs of dried marijuana and some of the 420 accessories, and others.

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Now, the company wants to go even further and start to breed their own cannabis strains for commercial sale. They have launched the breeding facility in Smiths Falls, where they took the former Hershey Chocolate factory and 40 acres of land to use for their needs.

Growing cannabis is not new for Tweed: they have grown marijuana indoors for quite a while and have all the facilities for that process, including data-driven, automated equipment, precise climate control, and oil extraction infrastructure.

The new breeding facility will allow Tweed to grow several strains at the same time in separate rooms under strict control in order to avoid unwanted interbreeding. The company is working with the best breeders from different countries and their ambition is to create “the best cannabis in the world.”

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Medical Marijuana Is Niche Business for Clinics
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During the past two years, Tweed had been creating their own genetic bank carefully selecting the best cannabis plants. Now the company works together with their partner DNA Genetics in order to create new strains that are unique to Tweed customers. What these strains might be—we do not know yet, but the company is very optimistic about this project. They want to combine “the art of growing” with the recent technological innovations. That means that the creation of new strains will be based not only on instinct as it usually goes but also on the hard data from the lab.

Tweed expects to finalize new strains by 2018, though Tweed patients will receive the access as early as next year.

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