Oct 11, 2016 9:15 AM

5 Types of Strains for Different Growing Goals

If you have decided to grow your own cannabis medicine, you first have to know what you need. Are you planning to have great yields or fast-growing plants? Do you need a high-CBD or THC-rich herb? Will you grow cannabis inside or outside? All these factors are important to consider before buying your first cannabis strain.Types of Strains for Different Growing Goals

1. High-CBD

Would you prefer an effective pain-killing strain with a minimum psychoactive impact? Then choose CBD Lemon-AID that will put you in a joyous mood and provide total relaxation. Great option for daytime consumption!

2. High-THC

Black Destroyer that originates from Black Domina and AK is an awesome strain for those who need a high-THC fix. Black Destroyer is easy to grow; moreover, its THC level can reach up to 22%.

3. Fast-Flowering

If you live in a state with short and cool summers, you need strains that mature fast in an outdoor setting. Strains that can easily flourish in cool temperatures are Blueberry and Blueberry Ghost. Their deep aromas and lemony acidity will provide you with a remarkable experience!

4. Indoor Grown

What strain is a perfect choice for indoor cultivation? Which one will taste amazing? The answer is Super Auto Lemon Haze! You will definitely fall in love with this strain as it has a nice balance of THC and CBD with a wonderful citrus flavor.

5. High-Yield

Pure indica strains usually give the highest yields. Try Pure Kush—it will provide you with the high you will never forget!

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