Jul 7, 2016 9:15 AM

5 Reasons to Grow Weed Using Indoor Hydroponics Instead of Soil

One of the first significant decisions every marijuana grower has to make is whether to grow their weed in soil or use outdoor or indoor hydroponics instead. WeedGrowHub will tell you about the five most important advantages of growing marijuana hydroponically.

Grow Weed Using Indoor Hydroponics Instead of Soil

You have everything under control

When you use a hydroponic system, you have way more control over your marijuana plants than if you were growing weed in soil. Moreover, you can build your hydroponic system from scratch, taking into account all your specific needs.

You can also automate the entire system and control every part of your garden at every stage of the growing process. You can get all the information you need about the state of water in the system, the amount of oxygen and nutrients that your plants' roots receive, etc. And if you grow marijuana in an indoor hydroponic garden, you can also easily control the temperature and the lighting conditions.

Homemade Hydroponics Systems: Step by Step
Homemade Hydroponics Systems: Step by Step
Building your own hydroponics systems may seem like a complex task. However, if you follow our instructions, it can even turn out to be a fun thing to do. Homemade hydroponic systems have many advantages.

You get healthier plants

By using a hydroponic system, you get all the control over the environment where your cannabis is growing, so you can avoid numerous problems and get a healthy plant in the end. With no soil involved, you can just ignore certain types of pests and diseases. There will also be no unwanted weeds in your garden since there is no space and soil for them to grow.

You can grow all year long

One of the biggest advantages of a hydroponic system is that you can grow your weed all year long, regardless of the location of your garden. Those who use an indoor hydroponic setup can grow marijuana 12 months a year, making almost no changes. If you are using an outdoor hydroponic system, however, you will need to move your setup indoors for a few months when it is too dark and cold outside.

You can grow bigger crops

Hydroponic growing is considered to be the best way to get all the needed nutrients in the perfect ratio straight to your plants' roots. So, it comes as no surprise that by using a hydroponic setup you can increase your yields significantly. Moreover, if your hydroponic system was done right, it can also help shorten the time to harvest.

Nutrients For Marijuana: Hydroponic Growing
Nutrients For Marijuana: Hydroponic Growing
Hydroponics is a practice of growing weed in a highly nutrient water. Growing weed hydroponically introduces the roots of the plant to water, air, and the necessary nutrients through a special growing medium.

You can use your resources efficiently

Although a hydroponic system is entirely based on using water, it actually needs less water than a traditional marijuana garden. It happens because you can deliver the water straight to the roots, without wasting any part of it. When you are watering a soil-grown plant, on the other hand, about a third of the water you use goes to the parts of the soil that do not feed your cannabis. Moreover, you can improve your hydroponic garden by using a water recycling system, so your grow-room will become more environmentally friendly and less expensive.

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