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5 Common Mistakes in Storing Your Stash

Storing weed is not rocket science; nevertheless, it is important to follow some rules. After all, none of us want to discover moldy or brittle flowers instead of what used to be high-quality buds.

It is funny that most of the users do the same things wrong when storing cannabis. So, have a look at our list of the most common mistakes and find out what you can do to avoid them.

Do not leave your stash in a plastic bag

Most of the weed is sold in small plastic bags, and there is actually nothing wrong with it if we are talking about small amounts. Large volumes, however, should not be stored in plastic since it can dramatically reduce the quality of your stash. The buds can become brittle, the crystals can stick to the plastic, and if there is even a little bit of humidity in the bag, mold can develop on your flowers. So why risk if there are much better options?

The best container for storing stash is probably a nug jar. On the Internet, you can even find special stash jars that were designed for weed. However, any glass jar would fit the situation.

Best Way to Store Cannabis-Infused Products
Best Way to Store Cannabis-Infused Products
Do you know that a properly stored cannabis tincture has an infinite lifetime? This curious fact raises a question whether all marijuana products can be stored for a long time. What if we leave them in an ideal environment undisturbed? This article will tell you the secrets of cannabis lifetime and the rules of storing it.

Do not store your stash in open containers

There is no point in a container, even if it is the most expensive one or the best one on the market, if it is not airtight. Leaving your weed exposed to air is not a good idea. It is one thing if you are going to use your weed the very same day and another if you are going to store it for a while. Letting the buds contact the air in your room means exposing the flowers to all possible problems, from mold (if the air is humid) to overdrying (if it is too dry outside). In any case, you will ruin your precious flowers. It is much better to put your stash into an airtight container and save it from harm.

Do not put your stash into the freezer

The idea of storing marijuana in the freezer probably comes from the tip to keep buds in a cool place. However, when they say cool, they mean about 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). The temperature in the freezer is too extreme for weed. When it freezes, the trichomes become fragile and get easily broken. It means that the potency and taste of the buds worsen. So, if it is not your goal, do not put your weed into the freezer. The space on the door of the fridge is a much better place for it. Just do not forget to seal your container thoroughly so that humidity cannot get inside.

How Humidity Influences Cannabis Quality
How Humidity Influences Cannabis Quality
If you have ever tried to grow your own cannabis, then you know that this process is not the same as growing daisies in the backyard. There are so many details and nuances that can influence the final result, so much time, energy, effort, and money you spend on it, that once you try to grow your weed, you will never complain about its price anymore.

Do not store your stash near appliances

Apart from the freezer, a place next to any appliance and especially above it is also a bad idea. Some users recommend putting the stash inside the CPU of the computer, others prefer to put it behind the hood fan. You can even find some advice to store buds behind the TV (since people tend to look at the screen and never look behind it). But the thing is, all these places are heated, and that means that your stash will quickly get ruined. Therefore, you had better find some faraway closet or cupboard and put your precious flowers there. No heat sources nearby—no dramatic consequences for your stash.

Do not store your stash together with the paraphernalia

It may seem logical to store all weed-related things together, and it is right, but not when it comes to storing your weed and your glass together. All the tools can be stored pretty much anywhere, whether it is a drawer in your cabinet, a closet in your bedroom, or a central shelf in your living room. It is really up to you where to put them as long as they are clean.

10 Useful Tips: Art of Storing Cannabis Seeds
10 Useful Tips: Art of Storing Cannabis Seeds
Storing cannabis seeds is almost the same as storing a treasure: these little “magic beans” are not only valuable by themselves, they are a great investment in your future cannabis stash. This is why it is so important to store them properly and safely.

Another thing is your weed. It requires special conditions: cool temperature, little light, and no humidity. Therefore, it is obvious that cannabis and tools should be stored apart, just like you store food in the fridge and kitchenware in a cupboard.

The worst thing one can do is store weed in the bong. It can ruin the properties of herb faster than you can say Mississippi. The only situation when your buds should touch the glass is when you are smoking them. For the rest of the time, find a proper (and separate!) place for your buds and paraphernalia.

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