May 2, 2016 8:30 AM

4 Events for Marijuana Growers to Attend in May

Do you want to become a better weed grower? Then you need to learn from the best and keep track of the latest innovations in the industry. There are four amazing events for marijuana growers happening this May, and WeedGrowHub will tell you everything about each of them.

Events for Marijuana Growers to Attend in May

Women Grow Western Slope Networking Event

When: May 5, May 22, 2016

Where: Boulder, CO

Women Grow Networking's monthly events create a perfect space for experience exchange, learning, and developing your weed growing skills. In May, there will be two meetings with the industry leaders and successful manufacturers. For more information, visit the official website of the upcoming event.

CannaGrow Expo

When: May 7-8, 2016

Where: San Diego, CA

CannaGrow Expo is one of the biggest and most important events both for cannabis growers and the entire industry. There will be a lot of interesting information for weed growers, grow enthusiasts, dispensary owners, and managers who want to know more about the latest cultivation technologies, techniques, and tools.

The upcoming expo will feature over 15 sessions dedicated to the art of growing marijuana. You can meet world-class growers and learn the latest industry news.

Pre-order the tickets and get all the information you need on the official website of the event.

The Hemp & Cannabis Fair in Corvallis

When: May 14-15, 2016

Where: Corvallis, OR

If you are looking for new tools and equipment to grow better cannabis, add the upcoming Hemp & Cannabis Fair to your calendar. In May, the THC fair will be held in Corvallis, Oregon. Enjoy the inspiring and friendly atmosphere, meet new friends, and attend amazing sessions on growing, harvesting, and using marijuana. In order to join the event, you need to be over 21 years of age. For more details, visit the official website of the expo.

Northwest Cannabis Classic

When: May 14-15, 2016

Where: Anchorage, AK

In May, Anchorage will host a two-day competition for cannabis growers and producers. For the weed manufacturers, it is an ultimate chance to enroll their goods in a competition for the titles of Alaska's Best marijuana products. And for ordinary customers, on the other hand, the upcoming NW Cannabis Classic is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a cannabis-friendly environment, discover the newest cannabis products and strains, attend fascinating seminars and lectures, enjoy live music, visual arts, and more.

For more details, visit the NW Cannabis Classic official website.

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