Aug 1, 2016 9:20 AM

3 Events for Weed Growers to Attend in August

For many marijuana growers, the end of the summer is the official beginning of the harvest time. But since there will be at least three interesting and informative events for marijuana growers this month, it would be better for your to revise your calendar and find time to attend these events.

Events for Weed Growers to Attend in August

Oregon Cannabis Growers' Fair

Where: Salem, OR

When: Aug. 13-14, 2016

The upcoming Cannabis Growers' Fair is a one of a kind event any marijuana grower can take part in. Regardless of whether you are growing a few weed plants in your house or manage a giant marijuana farm, this event is for you! Those who are new to growing weed can use this event to learn from the best and get all the information they need first hand. And if you are an experienced marijuana grower or producer, you can share new ideas and grow techniques with those who need your help and advice.

Along with numerous educational sessions, there will be an awards show where the best marijuana plants will be chosen. For more information, visit the fair's official website.

Cultivation 101

Where: Tampa, FL

When: Aug. 17, 2016

There is a lot of sources where you can learn about marijuana cultivation. Florida Cannabis Coalition gives you one more opportunity―its Cultivation 101 classes. This educational event will provide you with all the information on how to grow cannabis from seed to harvest. The class covers the most crucial topics: from germination methods and pruning techniques to harvesting, drying and curing your weed.

Seattle Hempfest

Where: Seattle, WA

When: Aug. 19-21, 2016

The Seattle Hempfest is one of the biggest and oldest marijuana events in North America. This year, the festival celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The major goal of the Seattle Hempfest is to provide cannabis lovers and those who want to know more about this plant with all the necessary information. At this event, you can learn various things about cannabis and hemp: from basic cultivation methods, to possible medical benefits, to the latest changes in the legal status of the plant .

For more details about the upcoming event, visit the fest's official website.

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