May 3, 2017 12:35 PM

3 Events for Cannabis Growers to Attend in May

One of the best ways to explore the art of cannabis cultivation is to learn from the industry leaders. In May, there will be at least three interesting and informative cannabis-themed events where you can meet the cannabis industry professionals and like-minded people. Below we will tell you more about each one of these events.

THC Fair – Sacramento

When: May 6-7, 2017

Where: Sacramento, CA

THC Fair is one of the biggest marijuana-related events. This event is all about celebrating marijuana legalization and educating people on the benefits of marijuana use. But most importantly, here you can learn more about the most effective growing, harvesting, and processing techniques.

The event features a large expo where you will find everything you might need for starting your garden or enjoying your marijuana experience. Plus, you can attend several educational sessions dedicated to the art of marijuana cultivation, the medicinal uses of this plant, and the most recent changes in local and federal marijuana-related laws.

For more details, go to THC Fair's website.

Cannabis & Hemp Expo Calgary

When: May 6-7, 2017

Where: Calgary, Canada

Attend one of the largest cannabis expositions in North America. Explore a large variety of cannabis products, accessories, cultivation tools and equipment from the leading marijuana brands. This is a great event for both marijuana cultivators and consumers. Enjoy the marijuana-friendly atmosphere and get more educated about the booming marijuana industry.

For more details, go to the expo's website.

THC Fair Coos Bay

When: May 20-21, 2017

Where: Coos Bay, OR

In May, Sacramento, California won't be the only place hosting the famous Hemp & Cannabis Fair. From May 20 through May 21, a small Oregon city Coos Bay will become a center of cannabis culture celebration.

THC Fair gives you an opportunity to learn everything you wanted to know about cannabis and hemp: from the legality of these plants in different states to the medical benefits of marijuana use to the easiest and most effective growing techniques. You can meet the cannabis industry professionals, explore the variety of marijuana products from local and national producers, meet like-minded people, and enjoy the cannabis-friendly atmosphere to the fullest.

For mote details, visit the event's website.

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