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10 Useful Tips: Art of Storing Cannabis Seeds

Storing cannabis seeds is almost the same as storing a treasure: these little “magic beans” are not only valuable by themselves, they are a great investment in your future cannabis stash. This is why it is so important to store them properly and safely.

Cannabis seeds

Whether you are living in a place where growing cannabis is legal, or you are waiting for those glorious days when your local legislation changes their attitude to this question in favor of approving growing marijuana at home, you might want your cannabis seeds to be healthy no matter how long they will be stored.

Moon Cycle Can Influence Your Weed Cultivation
Moon Cycle Can Influence Your Weed Cultivation
Have you ever wondered why two growers can get a drastically different crop from the same seeds? For many centuries, people have adjusted their farming to the moon cycle, as it affects the harvest in a great way.

If the seeds you bought are not feminized, later you will be able to make your own stash of seeds, and those new plants will be already adapted to the conditions you provide them, whether you grow cannabis outdoors or indoors. Growing cannabis from seeds gives you an opportunity to play with the plants' genetics, to be independent of the prices on cannabis on the market, and to have your own favorite marijuana strain—always fresh and even 100% organic (if you want, of course).

So treat your cannabis seeds as the most valuable treasure, because they really are. Follow these tips, and you can be sure that the seeds you store will give you nice cannabis plants as a reward.

1. Get your seeds from a reputable seed bank

If you are going to breed your cannabis to have your own stash of seeds, this first investment is the most important. There is no need to save your money on this. The seeds on the black market may be cheaper, but then you risk buying seeds of bad quality or even of a totally different strain. These days, there are lots of trustworthy companies that sell cannabis seeds officially, but if you are in doubt, you can always go for Sensi Seeds or the White Label Seed company.

5 Tips on Buying Weed Seeds Online
5 Tips on Buying Weed Seeds Online
There is a lot of ways you can buy marijuana seeds: from visiting your local cannabis shop to buying them from a marijuana grower you are familiar with. The easiest and most popular way to buy cannabis seeds, however, is to order them online.

2. Do not store your seeds with toxic things

Some growers advice to put silica gel into the jar where your cannabis seeds are, but this is a bad idea. Storing toxic things together with seeds means risking their safety. If you want to put something into the storage jar to absorb the humidity, you had better choose a piece of paper (not lacker-coated paper, just simple newspaper or paper napkin).

3. Keep your cannabis seeds dry

If you buy seeds, they are mostly already dry and stored in a nice bag. But if you prepare your own storage, be sure that all the seeds are not wet or damp before you put them into the storage bag or can. Even the slightest sign of moisture can lead to damage—it can cause mold or rot appearance and destroy the whole batch. Therefore, do not forget to let the seeds dry on a piece of paper in a shadowy place for a day or two before you put them away for storing.

How to Choose High-Quality Cannabis Seeds?
How to Choose High-Quality Cannabis Seeds?
Once you decided to start growing marijuana from seeds, you have got yourself a huge problem that needs to be solved—how and where do you find quality cannabis seeds? Luckily for you, we at WeedGrowHub know some tricks and are ready to share our knowledge with you.

4. Keep the seeds away from extreme cold

If you live in areas with severe winters, it is better not to store your seeds anywhere outside. Once the temperature goes too low, the seeds can die. Some of the strains can be tolerant to low temperature, but it is better not to risk anyway. You can keep the seeds in a garage, in a closet, or in the door of the fridge. 40-45 ℉ would be quite okay for this.

5. Keep the seeds away from heat

The warmer it is, the better the conditions are for germination. This is why all the storage places near the heating system are a bad idea. If the temperature is too high, it can not only initiate germination, it can kill the seeds as well. At high temperatures, plant's seeds can literally bake, and all the live cells will “boil.”

6. Keep the seeds in the dark

Light does the same as warm temperature―it initiates germination. You should create winter-like conditions for your seeds, let them “think” they are lying in the cold soil covered with snow or fallen leaves.

Choosing Best Cannabis Strains for Growing: Part 1
Choosing Best Cannabis Strains for Growing: Part 1
Once you decide to grow cannabis yourself, the first thing you need to do is to choose a strain. And here you may face a problem: the choice is so big that at some point it can be almost impossible to go in favor of one kind of the plant and put aside the others.

7. Protect the seeds from physical damage

Even if for some reason you hide your seeds in the deepest corner of your closet or pantry, make sure there is nothing that can accidentally squash the seeds—no heavy tin cans, boxes or bags. The best option would be to place the seeds in a glass jar that would protect them from any damage from outside.

8. Check your cannabis seeds from time to time

There are lots of things that may happen that you do not expect―constant rains may increase the general humidity in your house, your place may be infected by rodents or some insects. Even if there is no disaster on the horizon, it is better to check your cannabis seeds once in awhile. If there is any problem, you can notice it on time. Additionally, it will allow you to remember what kinds of seeds you have if you have many of them (that may save you from unnecessary buying).

9. Store your cannabis seeds away from pests or rodents

Ideally, you should store your cannabis seeds in the door of the fridge. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes, you may simply not want anyone to see them, or you may have so many seeds that the area in the fridge is not enough. It is fine to store seeds in other dark and dry places as long as you pack the “magic beans” safely enough so that no rodent or pest can reach them. Use glass jars or tin cans for tea or sugar. Close them properly and make sure they will not accidentally fall or roll anywhere.

Marijuana Clones vs. Marijuana Seeds: Choosing Best Option
Marijuana Clones vs. Marijuana Seeds: Choosing Best Option
It will take you a lot of time and money, and many attempts and failures before you learn how to grow high-quality cannabis. One of the most controversial questions every weed grower will eventually face is whether you should use marijuana clones or seeds.

10. Label all the strains

It is obvious that labeling seeds can save you from a confusing situation: cannabis seeds are similar to each other, and even if right now you remember which is which, in several months, you may get confused. We would recommend you to write on the label not only the strain's name but also the date when the seeds were harvested, and some specific information about the strain's behavior (when it is better to plant the seeds, what illnesses or pests can damage it, and so on).

Just remember to keep your cannabis seeds safe, and the reward will be great. If all the conditions of storing are right, you may expect the seeds to stay alive for up to five years. Though some growers on the forums claim they managed to germinate even those seeds that were 20 years old, we would recommend you not to wait for so long and renovate your home seed bank at least every two years. Treat your seeds well, and you will be able to enjoy the best weed ever!

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