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10 Tips on How to Grow Monster Cannabis Buds

When you are growing your marijuana, the point is to get beautiful, big (or better even giant), and potent buds. And it is achievable since growing cannabis has nothing to do with magic or coincidence, it is similar to science: you do certain things and get the desirable result. The point is to know what exactly you should do and how to do it.

How to Grow Monster Cannabis Buds

Fortunately, all these things are not a secret. Growers from all over the world share their experience with each other to discover the best way to grow monster buds. Of course, the yield depends a lot on the strain, but if you know what to expect from the weed you have chosen, why not get it all? Let us take the best out of our growing process by applying these wise pieces of advice.

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Air-Pruning: How to Make Your Plants Grow Faster and Stay Healthy
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Why the buds?

Even though all parts of the cannabis plant contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the most active chemical compound of marijuana that brings the euphoric effect, it is the buds that contain the highest concentration of it. So, the whole purpose of growing cannabis is to get as many good-quality buds as you can.

Buds appear after the plant finishes with the vegetative stage, when it builds up the foundation: healthy roots—to get the energy from the nutrients in the soil, leaves—to provide photosynthesis, and strong stems that can later hold the heavy buds.

Be picky about seeds

This may seem obvious, yet some growers believe they can grow monster plants from pretty much any seeds. Unfortunately, it is not possible. Genetics are genetics, and while some strains can provide you with a maximum of 150 grams of buds (and often even much less), others can easily give you up to 1,000 grams.

This is why we would recommend you to buy seeds only at the stores with a good reputation or at seed banks.

On average, autoflowering seeds provide fewer buds than their regular sisters. However, lots of growers have proved that if you give autoflowering plants a nice treatment, they can really surprise you with an abundant reward in the end.

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Perfect Choice for Beginner Growers: 5 Strains That Are Easy to Cultivate
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Separate male from female plants

If you buy feminized seeds, you will not have this problem. However, most of the regular seeds can be either male or female, and to know which is what is possible only a few weeks after germinating.

Male plants will reveal themselves about two weeks earlier than female. Male cannabis plants have round flowers filled with pollen, while female buds look like tiny white hairs that appear between the branches and the stem and at the top of the plant.

If you do not want your buds to turn into seeds, you should divide male and female plants as soon as you find out their gender. Most of the growers believe that male plants are totally useless; however, this is not true. They also form buds with THC, but comparing to the female buds, they are of course much less abundant and potent. If you have extra space for growing, you can try to get the maximum from the male plants, too. However, growing a single female can indeed give you a much more desirable reward than two or even three male plants.

If the pollen from the male flowers gets on the female plants, the productivity of the female buds decreases, and instead of building massive buds, the plant will direct all its energy toward forming the seeds. So, if you wish to receive a massive yield, take all the male plants away from your ladies as soon as possible.

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Increase light intensity

The more light your plant gets, the faster the buds will grow. It can be a bit tricky to control the lighting if you use regular HIV light bulbs as they also provide lots of heat. This kind of light should always be at a certain distance from the leaves to avoid burns.

If you use LED lighting, the closer to the plant it is situated, the better. The more lamps you use, the better. If you do not want your plant to grow weak, tall, and skinny, try to provide light access to all parts of the plant. Using reflective or white surface inside the growing box also gives great results.

Control temperature and humidity

Your cannabis will grow even if you do not care about such details as maintaining the temperature and humidity on a certain level. However, if you want your plant to give you not just any yield but a massive yield, you really need to think about it.

Too hot and humid conditions can cause the appearance of mold or root rot; too dry and hot air can damage leaves and therefore decrease the energy level in your plant; too low temperature can slow the growing processes inside the plant and cause you to spend much more time on waiting for the buds to form and grow.

So do not forget to monitor these conditions. It does not take much time, but the reward is worth it.

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5 Mistakes Newbie Growers Often Make
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Change nutrients for flowering regime

Again, if you want to get just any buds, then any nutrients will fit. But if you want monster buds, you need to apply the appropriate nutrient mixture for your plant's needs. The thing is, plants require different kinds of nutrients for the vegetative stage (when they are growing and forming roots and leaves) and flowering stage (when all the energy goes toward building buds).

That is why it is not recommended to use the same fertilizer after you switch your ladies to the 12/12 mode. Once you start the flowering regime, change the nutrients mix as well: it should contain about 10% of nitrogen, 30% of phosphorus, and 10% of potassium (NPK 10-30-10).

In most cases, the best option would be to get one line made by a certain manufacturer that provides separate nutrient mixes for vegetative and flowering stages. However, they are often quite expensive. Some growers prefer to make their own mixes out of cheaper compounds, such as wood ash, but it requires much more time and attention from your side.

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LED Grow Lights Can Boost Quality of Your Weed
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Increase carbon dioxide access during flowering period

When your plant is ready for switching to the flowering regime, it starts using its energy not for growing a bigger leaf crown but for building buds. This is why you should provide it with extra energy sources so that the buds become really large and potent in the end.

Apart from special nutrients, you can also increase the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air. The flowers absorb it through leaves (especially during the dark time of the day), and that gives them extra power to grow faster and more efficiently.

How can you do it? You can make a DIY CO 2 generator with the help of regular sugar, yeast, water, and plastic details you can find at home. However, you need to be extra careful with this gas as it can be quite dangerous for humans.

Remove yellow leaves

If you notice some leaves are acquiring a yellowish color, it is better to remove them completely. Of course, if all the leaves become yellowish after you overdose your cannabis with some nutrients, you had better try to save the precious leaves of the plant. But if you have noticed one or up to five “autumn” leaves after switching to the flowering mode, do not be afraid and remove the dying parts.

Not only they will never become green again, the yellowish leaves will not provide the plant with energy anymore but instead will take the energy that would otherwise go for building buds. And that is not what we want, right? So cut, or even better, pinch them off.

Some growers recommend not to throw these leaves away as they still contain some THC you can use in mid-season. Well, it is up to you to try it.

Top 7 Tricks for Growing and Harvesting Cannabis
Top 7 Tricks for Growing and Harvesting Cannabis
Every experienced weed grower has some tricks and professional secrets that they will not share that easily. In most cases, these tiny details make all the difference, turning a regular crop into an amazingly large harvest of high-quality buds.

Apply growing techniques

This is probably the most important way to help the plant build monster buds. On the Internet, you can find lots of different growing techniques, and all of them are effective if you apply them to the right strain.

You can try lollipopping with the strains that have a very strong main stem and form buds on its bushy crown. This technique basically means that you need to remove all the leaves that are growing lower than the buds level so that the plant directs all its energy toward making the buds bigger and bigger.

For the strains that tend to grow long, tall, and weak, you can use topping. This means you need to pinch the very top of the plant (do it during the vegetative period) to push it to develop side branches. Again, you can save the top, cure it, and smoke it later if you want. After all, you need to kill time while waiting for your beauty to grow large and potent.

Another technique is called low-stress training, or LST. You can apply it alone, or together with topping. LST means that you should slowly bend the side branches of the plant to the ground so that they get more light and more bud tops can form. This technique involves using wire and gives the best results when applied together with the Screen of Green (SCRoG) technique.

SCRoG requires installing a wire net above the plant that will later help the stems hold their monster buds. Your task is to lead the side branches horizontally to fill all the cells of the wire net. This should be done, of course, before your plant starts flowering so that it has enough time to develop a bushy shape.

In some cases, you can even remove the leaves that are growing beneath the screen, but do it only after the buds are already formed, otherwise you can endanger your plant with lack of energy.

Training Cannabis: How to Increase Marijuana Plant Yield
Training Cannabis: How to Increase Marijuana Plant Yield
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Harvest on time

Once you see your beautiful monster buds on the plant, the temptation to harvest them as soon as possible can be unbearable. However, patience is essential. During the last two weeks of the flowering period, your buds can add up to 25 percent of extra size and potency. Is it worth waiting? It definitely is.

But be careful and do not wait for too long as the buds can pass their peak of potency. So, how to know when it is ideal to harvest? In most cases, it is only up to your preferences and intuition, but of course, it is always better to follow the instructions of the seed banks for the strain you chose.

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