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10 Tips for Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Once you decide to have your own little marijuana garden, it is better to read as many articles as it is possible. The more information, the better. Whether you have five plants or fifty, they all need your attention and care.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Before starting our list of tips, we would recommend you to create your own list of the things you might need. Just write down everything you find interesting while reading the information about growing cannabis; it may help you a lot later.

1. Do not expect miracles

You may receive the greatest yield you have ever seen. And it would be really wonderful. But you also may fail. And it is not a tragedy, believe me. Remember, it is just a garden with plants. Yes, the plants are precious, and they are more than just flowers in the front garden: they mean to please your soul and body. But even if something goes wrong, and the garden gets damaged, you can always try again, but this time, you will be wiser and more experienced. Your body and soul can wait. Do not give up.

2. Do not forget about the light

If you are growing your precious little garden in the backyard, and you do not want your neighbors to know what you are doing, try to find some alternative to a concrete fence. Not only does it look suspicious, but it also steals the sunlight from your garden. It is better to make a hedge with ivy or some bushes. Spend a day looking which corners in your garden do not get enough sun and do not plant your cannabis there. No light, no yield.

The same goes for a faraway location for the garden. Choose the place with no hills and no high trees to block the sunlight.

3. Enrich the soil

If you have nice black soil in your garden, you are lucky. If the soil does not look very promising, maybe you should consider buying some. Do not buy those little bags for flower pots—they will cost you a fortune. Find a landscape supply company; they usually sell bulk soil. The quality of this kind of soil is usually nice, and it may help you save money.

If needed, you may also add perlite to the soil for better drainage, or add some nutrients.

4. Be careful with nutrients

Fertilizing your plants too often can damage your garden. We would recommend you to buy the products of one line you like the most and follow the instructions. Believe me, if the instructions tell you to feed the plants not more often than once every ten days, you had better do so.

Plus, every line usually produces everything you might need: root stimulators, leaves stimulators, and flower stimulators. Get the whole set and use it in the right time.

5. Leave enough space for plants

Even if you want to get the maximum from your garden, planting your cannabis plants too close to each other is a bad idea. Leaves need space to get the sunlight. You need space to get to every plant. If you plant your garden too densely, the plants will grow higher and higher in order to get the precious space and light.

6. Do not hurry

Remember to take the weather and climate into consideration. If you live in the area where it often showers during May, maybe it is better to wait with planting until June. If you start your plants inside, make sure that the transplantation does not turn into a horrible stress for your plants. Try to avoid a big difference in the day/night schedules. If you have a 20h light schedule indoors and then suddenly put the plants outside where the sun is available only for 15 hours, the plants may flower too early.

7. Mind the security

Beginners are often preoccupied hiding their gardens from the unwanted attention of the neighbors and passers-by, and they forget about critters that may also visit your secret garden. Find out what fauna lives in your area and try to block all the entrances for them. Obviously, protecting your garden from moles is not the same as protecting it from elks.

8. Mind the water

No water, no yield. I would say even more: no water, no garden at all. You should not turn your garden into a swamp, but watering it every day is extremely important. To ease your task, you may install a drip system or water timers. And do not forget to add fertilizer to the bucket of water from time to time.

9. Training can increase yield

The more tops your marijuana plant has, the more yield you will harvest. Once you cut the very top of the plant, you will have two instead. Cut the tops of those two, and you will get four instead. It does not mean that you can grow the whole garden on one stem, but this technique (when performed right) can indeed give you amazing results.

I would recommend you to do the training during the vegetative stage, when your plants are 2-4 weeks old. If you do it later, you risk cutting off small buds.

10. Prepare for harvesting

Once you see how much yield you have in your garden (and I hope, you have a lot!), prepare enough place for it. If you are going to dry it, you might need some big flat surface with good airflow. Even if you plan to dry weed outside, you might need some fans.

If you are planning to make oil, you need a place inside your fridge. Prepare plastic bags for storing weed, scissors for cutting the yield, and gloves to protect your hands from the smelling resin.

I hope that your gardening experience will be successful, and the reward will be satisfying. Be brave, attentive, and careful. And what is the most important, be patient.

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