May 5, 2016 8:45 AM

10 Tips for Growing Marijuana Indoors

Since it became legal to have your own marijuana garden in some of the U.S. states, more and more cannabis users have turned to growing the plants of their favorite strain. Even though your garden may consist only of a few plants, it still requires certain knowledge and skills from you to keep the plants alive and healthy. We wish growing marijuana was as easy as growing a violet or a cactus, but this picky plant needs special attention and care. So, you had better read all the information you can find before buying seeds or clones.

Growing marijuana indoors

1. Do research and take notes

It may seem obvious to you, but many beginners miss this step, which later often turns their growing project into a real disaster. Look carefully at all the options you may apply to your case. Think whether you want it to start with seeds or clones, whether you would like to grow tall indica plants or bushy sativas, whether you have enough space for your garden, how long it will take you to grow this particular strain you chose, etc.

Do not forget to take notes while you are reading. You may go through dozens of articles and forums, and later it would be really difficult to find the information you need. Simply copy the most interesting and needful pieces of information to a new document or just write them down on a piece of paper. That will save you lots of time and energy in the future.

2. Prepare in advance

Do not think that you will be able to do everything at once. It is better to wait for a week or two and do everything right. If you want exactly those clones but have money only for these weak ones, do not hurry. Visit other dispensaries, wait till the next month, so you will have better options and more savings.

Try to prepare your room before you get your first seed. Again, it is better to wait than do everything at the same time. Install the light, buy the ventilation system, get the soil and nutrients. And only when everything is ready, get the plants. It will not only make the whole project more structural, it will also spare you the headache.

3. Set aside two rooms instead of one

Depending on the quantity of the plants, you can either equip two separate rooms or divide one into two separate sections. One place will be for the plants in their vegetative stage and another for marijuana in blossom. This may be a bit tricky for a newbie, but this technique is very useful for having non-stop supplies of your favorite weed. By the time you harvest the group of plants in one room, you will have clones ready to flower in the other room.

This technique also allows you to secure your crop from undesirable plants and mold that can get into your garden with the newly purchased clones.

4. Do not overthink it

If you are a beginner in growing marijuana indoors, try not to complicate your project. Start with simple things: nice soil, some pots, light, fans, water, and nutrients. Hydroponics and aeroponics may give good results, but these methods of growing weed are generally too complicated for newbies.

There are different ways of trimming the cuttings, mixing nutrients and experimenting with lighting. You will have your time to try them all if you wish, but we would recommend you first grow the garden in a more traditional way. First, it is less expensive this way; second, there are fewer chances to fail.

5. Choose LED light if you can

LED lights are usually more expensive, but they have a number of benefits. First of all, they use less energy. Also, they provide a very little amount of warmth, therefore, the place where you install the light bulbs is not as essential as in the case with usual HID lighting.

Make sure that all the leaves get enough light and that as the plants grow bigger, they do not overshadow each other.

6. Mind the ventilation

There can never be too much ventilation. Fresh air movement is a guarantee of your plants' health. If there is no airflow, hot humid air accumulates in the room changing the microclimate and creating stressful conditions for the plants. Plus, humid dead air is a perfect environment for mold and mildew to appear.

Besides circulating and cooling down the air in the room, it is also important to get fresh air from the outside in order to replenish CO2 that is vital for photosynthesis. If you worry about pests that can enter the room with the air, get some filters that you can install right into your windows.

7. Stick to one line of nutrients

Many new growers often get into the same trap: they think if you add more nutrients, you will make marijuana grow faster, and the yield will be bigger. It does not work like this. Too much food can kill even a human, let alone a tender plant! It is wiser to stick to one line of nutrients; in this case, you will have the most balanced fertilization. Usually, every company can offer everything you might need, so just choose a line and buy only their products.

8. Keep the growing rooms clean

Try to clean your rooms with marijuana regularly. The more garbage or dead leaves there are, the more opportunities there are for pests and mildew to appear. If there is a danger of infection, you can even have a special pair of shoes and some clothes to put on every time you enter the area with marijuana. Remember, it is very easy to get pests or mildew, but it is very difficult to get rid of them.

9. Do not run into trouble

If you do not want to attract attention to your garden, try to keep it in secret. Even if it is legal to have this garden in your area, there can still be people who do not appreciate this kind of neighborhood or who may want to break into your house in order to check how much weed they can steal. The fewer people know about your cannabis garden, the better.

10. Do not give up

If you fail, do not give up. Growing marijuana requires patience, it does not give you immediate results. There may be some hazards on your way, but they happen to everyone. The problems will give you the experience you need for growing the next crop. So keep trying, and may the pot be with you!

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