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10 Best Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds may be the next step in marijuana breeding. By combining sativas and indicas with their wild and untamed sisters Cannabis ruderalis, breeders managed to get almost perfect strains that give you a big yield, high potency, and nice genetics that allow you to grow marijuana easy and fast.

10 Best Autoflowering Seeds

So let us have a look at the best autoflowering seeds that you can find on the market today.

1. THC Bomb Autoflowering Feminized (Bombseeds)

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Super-high THC, massive yields, and easy growing—that is all about THC Bomb Auto. One of the most powerful autoflowering cannabis seeds, it produces the yield of about 650g/m² with plants not higher than 50 inches. This strain is ideal for the SCROG and SOG technique since it has a branchy structure with multiple bud sites.

THC Bomb Auto produces a very powerful and high yield that is better to use at night to help with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, or all kinds of mood disorders.

2. Easy Ryder Autoflowering (The Joint Doctor)

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

This strain is a child of two wonderful parents, a potent hybrid of AK47 and a frutty-smelling Lowryder #2 that can survive in low temperatures. As a result, we got a strain that is probably the easiest to grow ever. Indoors, it can give you yield with almost any light regime (though we would recommend you to provide a 20-hour light cycle during the whole time of growing—it will help you receive best results).

The flowering period of Easy Ryder lasts for about eight or nine weeks, so if you are growing outdoors, take it into account and try to plant your last seeds at least eight weeks before the first frost.

Easy Ryder plants are quite short. They are feminized and provide you with a medium yield with a 14 16% THC level. It is definitely the best choice for beginner growers, so if you are thinking of starting your own garden project, try this strain, and you will never regret it.

3. Cash Crop Autoflowering (Cream of the Crop)

Type: Indica

This strain is one of the best among autoflowering strains. Though it takes a bit longer to get the buds (up to ten weeks), the yield at the end is massive and sticky. You may expect to get 550 g of potent weed (with up to 22% of THC) per each square meter. The buds are dense, compact, and large.

The plant will spare you the headache during growing, just keep an eye on your garden to provide support to heavy colas; otherwise, they can get broken under their own weight.

4. Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Fem (World of Seeds)

Type: Indica/Ruderalis

This is a wonderful, potent (with nearly 22% of THC) strain that you can grow almost anywhere. Like most ruderalis descendants, Afghan Kush Ryder is a short plant (usually 30 inches) but has a very strong skunky aroma that is difficult to hide.

This strain is very easy to grow, its flowering time lasts around seven weeks, but the yield you will get from these ladies is much heavier than you might expect from such a tender flower. With its high potency, it can knock you out for several hours.

5. Northern Lights Autoflowering Fem (Vision)

Type: Indica/Ruderalis

The autoflowering version of Northern Lights came from the cross between original Northern Lights and Mexican Ruderalis. The result of interbreeding gave us a beautiful flower with a high THC level (up to 20%), piny aroma, and mild taste. The plants get ripe in eight weeks, the yield is usually not abundant (30-50 g per plant) but extremely powerful. Northern Lights Auto can place your body and mind in a deep, relaxing, sometimes even almost lethargic high. You had better be careful with this lady.

6. Fast and Vast Auto Fem (Heavyweight)

Type: Indica/Sativa

If you are not satisfied with the relatively small yield from autoflowering strains, here is Fast and Vast that will give you as much as up to 800 g/m2. Moreover, the amount does not affect the quality: the high (a 17-19% THC level) will put you in a relaxed and mellow state right after the first puff.

This strain is not only easy to grow, it also reaches it apotheoses quite fast—in seven weeks, you will already have your buds that smell sweet and spicy.

7. Pandora Autoflowering Feminized (Paradise Seeds)

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

This lady is so good that it even got the second prize in the Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2012 (Autoflowering category). Paradise Seeds claims that only one toke of Pandora is enough to have a long-lasting buzz that can be highly medicating. Indica genetics provides a powerful high, while sativa lets your mind stay clear and lucid. The additional ruderalis genetics allows Pandora to grow relatively short (up to 50 inches) and switch to the flowering mode automatically.

8. Jack Herer Autoflowering (Green House Seeds)

Type: Sativa/Ruderalis

This strain has a quite famous parent—Jack Herer won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 1994, and you can find it in almost any dispensary in the U.S. The autoflowering version of the strain is easy to grow regardless of the light regime. It reaches 30-40 inches in height. You can expect the buds to appear at week 7.

The high of Jack Here Auto is strong and potent—you will immediately feel its medicinal effect: right after the first puff, the pain will go away, your head will become clear, your body will be energized.

9. Lemon Haze Auto Fem (Emerald Triangle)

Type: Sativa/Ruderalis

Unlike many other autoflowering strains, Lemon Haze Auto is tall, therefore, requires some space for growing. You can grow it outside and inside, but remember that it needs to be fertilized a bit more than other plants. Apart from this, Lemon Haze Auto is very easy to grow. You may expect to get the harvest at week 6.

The nice lemon scent and taste are a hallmark of this strain. The high is strong, it can put you in a creative mood and energetic state of mind. It is also suitable for medicinal purposes; it is good for treating PTSD, bipolar disorder, stress, and depression.

10. White Widow Auto Fem (Pyramid)

Type: Sativa/Ruderalis

In the autoversion, breeders managed to save that special balance of body and mind effect of White Widow, as well as the structure of compact buds coated with white resin (which is what actually inspired the name). The genetics of ruderalis, which was added to the original strain, helps White Widow grow much faster (the flowering time is shortened by 30%) and allows you to spend less time in the garden due to the plants' resistance to pests and mold.

The autoversion of White Widow is significantly smaller than the original (less than 35 inches), so you can grow it in the growing box with no risk of growing a monster. The yield is 425-550 g/m2, which is more than many other autoflowering strains can provide.

The effect is quite strong (it gives you about 17% of THC); therefore, it can be really useful in treating social anxiety. The taste is sweet with slight spicy notes. Basically, this is the same well-loved strain you might know, but this one is smaller and easier to grow.

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